Advanced Discord moderation, engagement, and AI-powered features for your server

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Key Features

AI Moderation

Advanced content analysis for hate speech, harassment, and more

GPT-4 Chat

Engage with cutting-edge AI in channels, threads, and DMs

Social Credit System

Encourage positive behavior with a unique scoring system

TrentBot Commands

Command Description
/setupAutomatically sets up roles, channels, permissions
/suggestionTurns suggestion mode on/off in a channel
/chatCreates a private chat thread with TrentBot
$usageChecks your GPT-4 usage
$globalbanViews globally banned users
$altChecks similarity between two users' writing styles
$claimClaims custom roles based on activity/behavior
/socialrestrictionManages social restrictions based on social credit score
/socialcreditViews users' social credit scores
$dailyreportGets a daily report for the server
/aimodSets AI moderation thresholds
/aidisableDisables AI moderation for a category
/aihelpChecks current AI moderation thresholds
/aipresetApplies an AI moderation preset
/sdxlGenerates an image with SDXL
/dalle3Generates an image with DALL-E 3
/ticketCreates a support ticket
/ticket_infoSets ticket help info
/reddit-linkLinks a channel to a subreddit

Easy Setup

  1. Invite TrentBot to your server
  2. Run the /setup command
  3. TrentBot will automatically create required roles and channels
  4. Customize settings as needed
Setup illustration